London and Clover of Supernaw

Supernaw is a Hollywood, California-based Indie/Country/Rock duo featuring singer-songwriter-guitarist London and singer Clover. Supernaw plays exciting, danceable, original music inspired by Jason Aldean, Pink, Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town.

Typical Supernaw songs mix elements of reggae, American country, classic rock, SoCal punk and traditional pop. These influences blend perfectly into a new American sound with fantastic lyrics, inspiring stories, and great hooks.

Supernaw is a duo. London Supernaw is the main songwriter. London also is on guitar and male lead vocal. Clover is the female lead vocal. SUPERNAW records with, and is backed by, a lineup of top Los Angeles-area musicians; Bob Walker, of Orange County Music Award-winning band “Whalen”, is on guitar and vocals, Scott Richards, from “Which Ones Pink” and “The Long Run”, is on bass and additional vocals, Ron Hougardy, of “Fools Logic” is on keyboards, and Clayton Bigs of Black Noise, former White Glove Service is on drums.

Supernaw tours the U.S. honing their craft and spreading their unique sound. They have played at some of the largest venues, events, and state fairs in the country.

Supernaw has, for many months, topped the Reverbnation local, regional, national and global with their original song Rock and Roll Cowgirl. Because of their strong performance in the charts, they have caught the attention of the Reverbnation curation team. The team seeks out the Reverbnation artists with the most promise and helps connect them directly with opportunities, furthering careers with introductions to A&R at labels, managers, booking agents and gigs – filling holes in the artists’ network.

In 2016, Supernaw was chosen from over 1,300 competing artists in a Reverbnation opportunity for a production deal with Orange County-based Unit-O Productions. After months of preproduction, arranging and rehearsals, Supernaw began work on their first, major EP with legendary producer/engineer Brian Leshon. The five-song EP “Way With The devil”. Supernaw will tour in 2018 in support of the new EP. Dates to be announced shortly.


One of the first entries in London’s baby book was a quote from his mother that read “He sure loves to pull himself up on the speaker and dance to the music. Maybe London will grow up to be a musician someday” and she was right!

London grew up in California. His father bought him his first Fender electric guitar and amp at the age of 12 and he immediately started learning to play. London comes from a musical family. London’s cousin Doug Supernaw is a 90s country star who had number one hits and still enjoys a great career in music. London’s grandfather played upright bass in rockabilly bands during the late 50s and early 60s and his great-grandfather wrote over 50 country and western songs in his lifetime.

By the time London got to high school, he was already writing rock songs and looking for a band. London formed his first band (Kit Kit Dizzy) with some buddies and placed second in the high school talent show playing a couple of original rock songs he wrote.

After high school, London moved to Humboldt County and played music every day with hundreds of different musicians and wrote more songs along the way. Eventually, London would end up back in a small California town called Bass Lake where he would form the band “Rock & Roll Supermodel Porn Star” with his best friend and guitar extraordinaire Rick Williams. London and Rick wrote tons of songs and this helped London develop his current writing style that employs elements of Rock, American Country, Reggae, Pop and SoCal Punk.

In 2010 London and Clover started Supernaw. With Supernaw, London wanted to create a new sound that was influenced by the vocal stylings of Fleetwood Mac and Lady Antebellum with the sound of old Eagles tracks and newer pop-country. Infectious pop songs that feature male and female vocals playing off of each other was the basic blueprint for Supernaw. Over the past 7 years, they’ve been able to create an original sound that is distinctly theirs.

Supernaw was signed to a production agreement with UNIT-O in 2016. Their new EP, “Way With the Devil”, produced and recorded by Brian Leshon is available on iTunes and on CD through the site.

  1. This Club Supernaw 4:23
  2. Way With The Devi Supernaw 3:54
  3. Local Supernaw 4:02
  4. Cali Quake Supernaw 3:46
  5. Like A Movie Supernaw 3:34